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Forget Perfection. Just Press Publish

Hey guys, Neil here. Welcome to HQ.

Perfection hampers goals

Today I want to do a really important little video and a little talk about perfection and the search for perfection and how it can really actually hamper your goals. You see, we always have some students come to us and we notice that they're not publishing as regularly as some of the more experienced publishers in our groups. And when we delve into it, what we find is that there's something going on in their heads in that they want to continually tweak and craft their manuscript to be the best they can. They're seeking perfection and they are not prepared to press publish and get it out there in the marketplace until they've got what they perceive to be perfection.

Perfection is nothing more than an idea

Problem is perfection don't exist. It's a non-thing. Nothing in this world is perfect. So what is the point in going and seeking it? You've got to take a good enough is good enough approach. Now, what I'm not saying is release crap into the marketplace because that would be completely wrong. What I'm saying is you've got to accept in your own mind when a manuscript is good enough.

And when it reaches that point, you press publish.

Because there is one thing for certain in this world and that is manuscripts that are sat on your hard drive do not make you any money.

We are in the self-publishing business to make money

And at the end of the day we're all in this self-publishing business for one reason and one reason alone, to make money. We've all got bills to pay. A manuscript sat on your hard drive will not make you money.

This is something I'm really passionate about and I get really angry about it in my groups because we see it time and time again.

What is the worst that will happen if you release a book into the marketplace?

Well the worst thing that can possibly happen is that it won't sell or you're going to get a string of bad reviews.

Some of the best selling books in history ... Look at Fifty Shades of Grey, it's got just as many one star reviews as it's got five star reviews, and look how many copies it sold. So bad reviews aren't necessarily going to hamper sales.

 In fact, in many cases we've seen that we've actually had some books and the first review that we've got has literally been a one star review. And at that point we see sales spike. It's as though it's some kind of controversial thing and people, "Oh, why's that got a one star? I'm going to go and buy that and look."

So honestly, nothing bad is going to happen.

What you guys out there who have basically a completed manuscript on your hard drive, you need to go to it right now, kill this video at the end, go and open up that manuscript and spend two hours max just polishing it up, and that's it!

Good enough is good enough.

Get a cover done and get it out there into the marketplace and start promoting it. Remember, nothing will sell without promotion, okay?

You may release the best book in the world but without promotion it will sell nothing.

So remember, perfection is impossible.

Good enough is good enough.

And get those finished manuscripts out into the marketplace.

Press publish now.

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Janessa October 6, 2017

Have actually been taking little over a month.

Kristopher November 5, 2017

Great article and right to the point. I don’t know if this is actually the best place to ask but do you folks have any
ideea where to employ some professional writers? Thanks in advance 🙂

    admin November 5, 2017

    Kristopher – Upwork is the best place

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