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Are you emailing your reader lists enough?

I’m guessing you have at least some kind of email list building strategy for your pen names. 

For a long time we neglected it. It proved one thing - a big kindle business can be built WITHOUT email lists of any size. But imagine how big our business can go with lists. That is what we are looking to do right now. 

The topic I wanted to talk about today is how often do you email your list? 

My guess is not enough. 

I’d love to email my pen name lists every day. However, with so many pen names that isn’t possible I don’t have the time. So I settle for around 3 or 4 times most weeks. 

The Newsletter

Each week, even when there isn’t a new book out I send out a “newsletter”. I hate the term because frankly newsletters are dull. We used to get them at school to give them to our parents. We would push them down to the bottom of our school bags and they would only ever be found at the end of term. Our parents wouldn’t care…because, they were dull!! 

This email contains information about what I (or rather the pen name) is doing. I try to weave in a story about some calamity….something interesting and entertaining. I try to avoid being dull at all time.

In addition, I sow the seeds about what is coming! I pre-sell the next book. I get them excited and fired up, eager to receive my next email 

This raises another point. You can’t be afraid of trying to sell your books. Your first duty as a business owner is to sell your products. If you don’t ask readers to buy, you are failing in your first duty. I could talk for hours about this subject, but that isn’t today’s topic. 

I also have links to my latest book that is already available, my latest collection and, if the pen name, is established enough a book from the archives. Remember people are joining your list all the time and they are wonderful people to sell your back catalogue of books to! Don’t miss out on that opportunity. 

Sharing Others

Another day I will share the work of other authors in my genre. 

What? You are sharing your competition’s books? 

Sure. One of the worst things to do, is to be offensive or dismissive of another author’s work. Praise them to the hilt and readers will love you for it. 

In addition, many of these authors I have arrangements with. I share their latest releases and they share mine. A list swap of sorts. Another great way to get visibility onto your work. 

The Sales Sequence

Then I have a sales sequence which goes out when we release a new title. 

Email One - On launch. An email going out to the list saying I have a new book out and they better go buy it. Okay, the language is a little more flowery, but in essence that it is. I always have at least two different links for people to click to take them to the book. 

Email Two - 24 hours after. An email goes out to all the non-clicks. Notice I say non-clicks and not non opens. This email contains images whereas email one is pure text based. 

Email Three - 48 or 72 hours after. Another email to the entire list…. just as a reminder in case they missed it. Remember just because someone clicked on your link it doesn’t mean they bought it. 

Do I get unsubscribes? Sure. Do I care.. no, because the only thing that matters at the end of the day are sales. If I get the sales then the business moves forward, if I have a million people on a list but no-one buys, who the hell cares? 

There is a lot of value here, but you you got to action it. Once again, take this and implement it in your business!   


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