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Some people don’t deserve success with self-publishing

The subject of today’s blog post gets me, I’ll try not to get too “ranty” but I can’t promise anything. 

Its the weekend! Well..Friday at least! Yay. 

My Facebook newsfeed now gets filled with pictures of people enjoying themselves, getting drunk in bars, going to BBQ’s (although maybe not in England this time of year) watching football games with friends. 

Then Sunday evening comes around and again, my Facebook feed is filled with posts… this time all with a similar theme. “Oh, no its Monday tomorrow.” “Why does the weekend go so fast?” or the classic, “Work! I hate Mondays.” 

If I hated work so much as these guys I’d be doing EVERYTHING in my power to free myself from the shackles. I’d be using those two “free” days to crank out new books, get promotion in place, further my skill set by taking a course. But no… they would rather spend the two days blind drunk and then moan about Mondays. 

These people don’t deserve success and quite frankly they won’t get it with that mindset. 

Don’t be like those people. Use this weekend to the best possible advantage. DO SOMETHING THAT WILL DRIVE YOUR BUSINESS FORWARD. 

For example, take that information I am giving you free below and implement it. The handful of top players I showed that too before I passed it on to you guys said it was genius! You need to get stuff like that implemented in your business straight away! 

Get yourself in the mindset of when you see something worth implementing or signing up for you do it straight away. What you don’t want to be is one of these Sunday night moaners complaining that their weekend is gone and tomorrow they have to return to work. 

My “weekend” runs seven days a week… I am beholden to no-one. I work when I want, where I want. This is because I put in the work and got myself in that position. I did what it took! Now I reap the rewards. 

But I’m no different to you. I had minimal financial resources when I started (I used too many credit cards, but that is a different story). I have the same number of hours in the day as you. I have dysexlia so, when all is said and done, you are in a better position than me! What I have is a determination to succeed. Then something doesn’t go my way, I get angry and I vow that next time I’ll do better and get it right. 

It’s a mindset thing. 

So… are you watching the game with a beer….. or setting about changing your life this weekend?  

Discover my 6 steps to indoctrinating my readers and getting them to click whatever I want!

Discover my 6 steps to indoctrinating my readers and getting them to click whatever I want!



Brilliant!!  You have managed to get a reader on your list! But how do you get them to buy time and time again? The cheat sheet will show you how

You have managed to get a reader on your list! 
But how do you get them to buy time and time again?

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