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Some people don’t deserve success with self-publishing

The subject of today’s blog post gets me, I’ll try not to get too “ranty” but I can’t promise anything.  Its the weekend! Well..Friday at least! Yay.  My Facebook newsfeed now gets filled with pictures of people enjoying themselves, getting drunk in bars, going to BBQ’s (although maybe not in England this time of year) watching football […]

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It’s Time To Fly

Come to the edge.  We might fall.  Come to the edge.  It’s too high!  COME TO THE EDGE!  And they came, and he pushed,  And they flew. Christopher Logue This poem is such a great analogy for success. It tells us a lot about why people don’t achieve the success which they deserve.People are fearful of failure. They look for […]

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My dog ate my homework Miss and other lies

I attribute my success to this – I never gave or took any excuse – Florence Nightingale “My dog ate my homework, Miss.”  We start coming up with excuses at an early age. Excuses manage to get us out of trouble. So we start coming up with more of them to avoid things that we […]

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